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Tip submitted by @Tonterias

May be you need to use PGAdmin to load your Heroku database with test data.

Follow the steps:

First, use the data from your Database Credentials at your Heroku Account to fill the Create a New Server PGAdmin’s form:

Example documentation

Example documentation

Then, you will have to configure that information in your application-prod.yml:


            enabled: false
            enabled: false
        type: com.zaxxer.hikari.HikariDataSource
        url: jdbc:postgresql://
        username: seejtnnivrl???
        password: e9ed17c73da7ec36bf6eead010968106439debe16ed3df9039be0a9aef??????
            auto-commit: false

You will get the data from the Database Credentials of your Heroku Account (as in this other example):

Host :
Database : d5u8osf3cgtlg
User : seejtnnivrlcdw
Port : 5432
Password : e9ed17c73da7ec36bf6eead010968106439debe16ed3df9039be?????
URI : postgres://seejtnnivrlcdw:e9ed17c73da7ec36bf6eead010968106439debe16ed3df9039b???????
Heroku CLI : heroku pg:psql postgresql-trapezoidal-20780 --app jhipster-press-08

You just have to connect to your database and test it with a sql command at the PGAdmin query window.

NOTE: Here is a video that shows this process: