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The following announcement is our 2014 April Fools joke, so of course you should NOT consider it seriously

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JHipster 2 breaks compatibility, new focus on the Golo language

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JHipster’s goal has always be to provide the hippest tools to developpers. Yeoman, Grunt, Bower, AngularJS, Spring Boot, you name it… A lot of tension has arised with the release of Java 8, as many people wanted JHipster to drop Java 7 support.

After careful consideration, we have in fact decided to deprecate the whole Java language and focus instead on the Golo language.

Golo will allow us to reach new highs in developer productivity, code optimizations and general coolness.

This also means we will break compatibility with the 1.0 version:

  • JHipster 1.0 will be deprecated and we will stop working on it
  • We will release “JHipster 2 for Java” and “JHipster 2 for Golo”, but in fact only focus on the Golo part and leave Java users with unfinished and buggy code

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As a result, our top developpers (@juliendubois and @jmirc) will join the TypeUnsafe team:

  • This will ensure that we can start monetizing the framework by selling support contracts to our users
  • In the long run, the TypeUnsafe stack should attract some bigger software vendor, who will buy the company for an insane amount of money. This should allow us to stop coding and follow Mark Fleury’s example and become DJs in Spain.

See more information on the TypeUnsafe website.