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The following announcement is our 2017 April Fools joke, so of course you should NOT consider it seriously

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JHipster helps thousands of people and companies create Spring Boot and Angular projects in seconds, and not months.

This is so fast, that we have integrated BitcoinJS into the generation process, so for each project, your computer will join the JHipster mining pool for roughly 1 hour, before being able to generate the project.

We feel that this is appropriate, considering the time gained by using JHipster, that each user participates in an effort to help the project.

How long will it take exactly to generate a project? Permalink to "How long will it take exactly to generate a project?"

Time to mine the Bitcoins depends on your hardware: people with lower-end hardware can sometimes wait a whole day before a project is generated, so we can only recommend you use JHipster on modern machines, with a good GPU.

For example, we expect that people with the latest Dell XPS will need one hour to do the mining. Unfortunately, Mac users have much lower GPUs, so generation takes a whole afternoon on the latest MacBook Pro.

How much money will the project get? Permalink to "How much money will the project get?"

Our current statistics show us that last month (March, 2017) we had 40,000 generated projects. Given that those statistics are opt-in, we consider we have between 50,000 and 100,000 generated projects per month.

This means that we will have roughly a pool of 100 servers in our mining pool at any time, which is a decent cluster, and which should mine 0,01 Bitcoin per month according to https://tradeblock.com/bitcoin/mining/ .

At the current rate, the project should gain about $10 per month using this technique, which will allow us to have a good server on AWS, and help us improve the project.

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For up-to-date information on our mining operations, please follow @jhipster on Twitter

Thank you so much for your help and contributions to the project!