JHipster release 0.7.0 Permalink to "JHipster release 0.7.0"

JHipster gives you Yeoman + Maven + Spring + AngularJS all working together in one handy generator.

What’s new Permalink to "What’s new"

  • JHipster now supports Websocket, for the new “real-time Web”, thanks to the great Atmosphere framework. After studying carefully both Atmosphere and the new Spring Websocket support, we found Atmosphere to be a better tool for our needs. But of course, if you disagree, there is still the possibility to make this an option in the Yeoman generator.
  • We now have a usable Docker configuration, which is fully documentated on our updated installation page.
  • We updated all Maven/NPM/Bower dependencies, so that your generated application stays on the cutting edge!

How to upgrade Permalink to "How to upgrade"

Update your version of JHipster with:

npm update -g generator-jhipster

And then you can update your project when you run again

yo jhipster

Help and bugs Permalink to "Help and bugs"

If you find any issue with this release, don’t hesitate to: