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  • OpenID Connect support is now ready! This means you can now secure your JHipster application using an OpenID Connect provider such as Keycloak or Okta. This also includes microservices security, using a Zuul proxy (in a JHipster gateway) or using Feign (to connect microservices together). This replaces our older OAuth2 support, as announced in our previous release. This is a huge work, so please be careful when using this first release. For more information, see #6432, #6435 and #6519.
  • As the entity sub-generator goes too far for some simple use-cases, we have a new Spring MVC REST controller sub-generator. For consistency reasons, we also renamed our “Service sub-generator” to become the Spring service sub-generator. Please note that we focus on the Spring Boot generators, as on the client-side you can use Angular CLI with JHipster. For more information, see #6451.
  • After project generation, if Git is installed, the generator now automatically initializes a Git repository and commits the generated application. See #6453.
  • Our recent support for Zalando problem-spring-web had been greatly improved, for example with #6404 and #6411.

Roadmap Permalink to "Roadmap"

Two important new features are planned for our next 4.11.0 release:

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As always, you can check all closed tickets and merged pull requests here.

How to upgrade Permalink to "How to upgrade"

Automatic upgrade

For an automatic upgrade, use the JHipster upgrade sub-generator on an existing application:

Upgrade your version of JHipster:

yarn global upgrade generator-jhipster

And then run the upgrade sub-generator:

jhipster upgrade

Manual upgrades

For a manual upgrade, first upgrade your version of JHipster with:

yarn global upgrade generator-jhipster

If you have an existing project, it will still use the JHipster version with which it was generated. To upgrade your project, you must first delete its node_modules folder and then run:


You can also update your project and all its entities by running

jhipster --with-entities

You can also update your entities one-by-one by running again the entity sub-generator, for example if your entity is named Foo

jhipster entity Foo

Help and bugs Permalink to "Help and bugs"

If you find any issue with this release, don’t hesitate to:

If the issue you have is an urgent bug or security issue, please: