JHipster release 0.9.1 Permalink to "JHipster release 0.9.1"

JHipster gives you Yeoman + Maven + Spring + AngularJS all working together in one handy generator.

What’s new Permalink to "What’s new"

  • Our “hot reload” features are getting better and better: we now support hot reloading Spring Beans (in most cases) as well as Jackson beans (the Jackson serializer and deserializer caches get flushed on reload). We are now focusing on hot reloading JPA entities.
  • We have upgraded to the latest Spring Boot 1.0.0.RC2. This causes a warning when running the executable WAR
  • We updated the generator dependencies version, as we had some issues running the generator on Mac OS X

How to upgrade Permalink to "How to upgrade"

Update your version of JHipster with:

npm update -g generator-jhipster

And then you can update your project when you run again

yo jhipster

Help and bugs Permalink to "Help and bugs"

If you find any issue with this release, don’t hesitate to: