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The JHipster Registry has reached version 3.0! It is a major release, that adds dashboards to the Registry: it is now able to monitor all application types (monoliths, gateways, microservices) in one central location.

As a result, the JHipster Registry has a new documentation page, which is now part of new section dedicated to microservices on this website. Please check this out, there is a lot of new stuff here!

This new JHipster Registry has been possible thanks to the great work of Julien Margarido, our new trainee working on JHipster, congratulations to him!

Other important news and updates Permalink to "Other important news and updates"

This new releases comes with 135 closed tickets and pull requests! Here are the most important news:

  • Several library updates, including an upgrade to Spring Cloud Dalston
  • Lots of code clean up and new unit tests (our sample application now has 91,1% code coverage!)
  • The JHipster gateway API now supports rate limiting using Bucket4j instead of Cassandra, which gives much better quality and performance, see #5388 and the new API gateway documentation. This rate limiting system can still scale across several gateway instances, using our distributed caching support with Hazelcast, which works thanks to the JHipster Registry!
  • Much improved Zuul and Eureka settings, giving a huge performance increase, more quality and stability, than when using the standard Spring Cloud settings
  • Support for JSR310’s Instant type, see #5684

Closed tickets and merged pull requests Permalink to "Closed tickets and merged pull requests"

As always, you can check all closed tickets and merged pull requests here.

How to upgrade Permalink to "How to upgrade"

Automatic upgrade

For an automatic upgrade, use the JHipster upgrade sub-generator on an existing application:

yo jhipster:upgrade

Manual upgrades

For a manual upgrade, first upgrade your version of JHipster with:

yarn global upgrade generator-jhipster

If you have an existing project, it will still use the JHipster version with which it was generated. To upgrade your project, you must first delete its node_modules folder and then run:

yo jhipster

You can also update your project and all its entities by running

yo jhipster --with-entities

You can also update your entities one-by-one by running again the entity sub-generator, for example if your entity is named Foo

yo jhipster:entity Foo

Help and bugs Permalink to "Help and bugs"

If you find any issue with this release, don’t hesitate to:

If the issue you have is an urgent bug or security issue, please: