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Technology stack on the client side Permalink to "Technology stack on the client side"

Single Web page application:

  • Angular or React or Vue
  • Responsive Web Design with Twitter Bootstrap
  • HTML5 Boilerplate
  • Compatible with modern browsers (Chrome, FireFox, Microsoft Edge…)
  • Full internationalization support
  • Optional Sass support for CSS design
  • Optional WebSocket support with Spring Websocket

With the great development workflow:

  • Installation of new JavaScript libraries with NPM
  • Build, optimization and live reload with Webpack
  • Testing with Jest and Protractor

And what if a single Web page application isn’t enough for your needs?

  • Support for the Thymeleaf template engine, to generate Web pages on the server side

Technology stack on the server side Permalink to "Technology stack on the server side"

A complete Spring application:

Technology stack for microservices Permalink to "Technology stack for microservices"

Microservices are optional, and fully supported:

Ready to go into production: Permalink to "Ready to go into production:"

  • Monitoring with Metrics and the ELK Stack
  • Caching with ehcache (local cache), Caffeine (local cache), Hazelcast, Infinispan, Memcached or Redis
  • Optimized static resources (gzip filter, HTTP cache headers)
  • Log management with Logback, configurable at runtime
  • Connection pooling with HikariCP for optimum performance
  • Builds a standard WAR file or an executable JAR file
  • Full Docker and Docker Compose support
  • Support for all major cloud providers: AWS, Cloud Foundry, GCP, Heroku, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Azure, Docker…