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We tried to keep the syntax as friendly as we can for developers. You can do these things with it:

  • Declare applications with their options and entities,
  • Declare entities with their attributes,
  • Declare the relationships between them,
  • And declare some JHipster specific options.

If you wish to view the JDL’s grammar, there is an HTML file available here.

The JDL import only finds one entity when matching MS baseName Permalink to "The JDL import only finds one entity when matching MS baseName"

This is a known issue regarding the parsing system and fixing it is tricky. A workaround is to use different names for the microservice and the entities inside.

See JHipster Core issue #308 for more information.

Issues and bugs Permalink to "Issues and bugs"

The JDL is available on GitHub, and follows the same contributing guidelines as JHipster.

Please use the “JDL” label for submitting issues and Pull Requests concerning the library itself.

When submitting anything, you must be as precise as possible:

  • One posted issue must only have one problem (or one demand/question);
  • Pull requests are welcome, but the commits must be ‘atomic’ to really be understandable.