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JHipster gives you Yeoman + Maven + Spring + AngularJS all working together in one handy generator.

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This is our biggest release ever.

We have migrated everything to use Spring Boot instead of “normal” Spring. This has caused a big number of changes:

  • To run the application you can either run the “Application” class from your IDE, or execute “mvn spring-boot:run”. This runs Tomcat behind-the-scenes.
  • The configuration Java package has been renamed from “conf” to “config”
  • The configuration property files are now in Yaml format
  • The liquibase configuration is now in the src/main/resources/config/liquibase directory

And of course we updated all libraries to their latest versions!

As Spring Boot is really new, we expect you have a few questions about this upgrade:

What’s good? Permalink to "What’s good?"

  • Running the application from an IDE without Maven. It’s faster (no need to launch Maven) and it’s easier to run with a debugger
  • Less lines of configuration. It’s complicated to compare as we also improved a lot of things, but we probably gained 200-300 lines of code
  • The Yaml configuration is much more easy to read and use
  • Spring Boot Actuator gives us a lot of new features, we plan to use more of them in the next releases

What’s bad? Permalink to "What’s bad?"

  • We lose 2 seconds at start-up with Tomcat (no problem with Jetty): this looks like an issue with Tomcat, when no web.xml file exists

How to upgrade Permalink to "How to upgrade"

Update your version of JHipster with:

npm update -g generator-jhipster

And then you can update your project when you run again

yo jhipster

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If you find any issue with this release, don’t hesitate to: