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The following announcement is our 2016 April Fools joke, so of course you should NOT consider it seriously

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As we are on strike, the JHipster generator is not working anymore. As of now, you cannot generate any project anymore, or any entity, or do any deployment.

Typing yo jhipster or calling any other sub-generator will now output the following text:

The JHipster generator is on strike! Please type this command again when the strike has ended.

Nothing will work anymore, until our strike ends.

Why are we on strike? Permalink to "Why are we on strike?"

The draft law on reforming the French labour code would allow employees to work far more than the legal 35-hour week, puts a ceiling on damages in the event of unfair dismissal and make it easier to fire employees on economic grounds.

For English-speaking people, please read this article on the new “loi travail” to better understand why French people are currently unhappy about this new labour law.

As a result, most of France is now on strike, as you can see from:

As most JHipster developers are from France, this has caused the whole project to stop. Only Deepu is currently working alone on the project, as he his from India, but we are currently having a vote to suppress his commit rights.

When will JHipster work again? Permalink to "When will JHipster work again?"

Probably after April, 1st.