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JHipster gives you Spring Boot + AngularJS working together in one handy Yeoman generator.

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Looking for the (old) JHipster v2.x documentation? It’s Here!

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This is a bugfix release, correcting a platform-specific bug on Windows. As hipsters, none of the JHipster developers use Windows, so this couldn’t be tested!

Please note that this issue was corrected by @andidev and tested by @atomfrede, all under 24h! Thank you!

And as always, you can check all the closed tickets here.

How to upgrade Permalink to "How to upgrade"

Update your version of JHipster with:

npm update -g generator-jhipster

And then you can update your project when you run again

yo jhipster

Help and bugs Permalink to "Help and bugs"

If you find any issue with this release, don’t hesitate to: