JHipster release 2.1.1

JHipster gives you Spring Boot + AngularJS working together in one handy Yeoman generator.


Looking for the (old) JHipster v2.x documentation? It’s Here!

What’s new

This is a bugfix release, correcting a platform-specific bug on Windows. As hipsters, none of the JHipster developers use Windows, so this couldn’t be tested!

Please note that this issue was corrected by @andidev and tested by @atomfrede, all under 24h! Thank you!

And as always, you can check all the closed tickets here.

How to upgrade

Update your version of JHipster with:

npm update -g generator-jhipster

And then you can update your project when you run again

yo jhipster

Help and bugs

If you find any issue with this release, don’t hesitate to: