Speed up the generator-jhipster Permalink to "Speed up the generator-jhipster"

Tip submitted by @pascalgrimaud

Warning! Those tips don’t work for npm 3+ because it uses symlink.

When using the generator-jhipster, the command npm install may take several minutes, depending on your connection speed.

This tip can be used in many cases:

  • for demo of JHipster, to improve your experience
  • for dev team, to regenerate faster a project with .yo-rc.json
  • for continuous integration

Create a new project for node_modules Permalink to "Create a new project for node_modules"

Create a directory which will contain all node_modules libraries, and go into it:

mkdir jhipster-speedup
cd jhipster-speedup

Create the directory node_modules:

mkdir -p node_modules

The project structure is :

├── node_modules

Warning! Use this next command only if your are a developer on JHipster. It will link to your fork project of generator-jhipster:

npm link generator-jhipster

Generating projects Permalink to "Generating projects"

Create a directory which will contain your new JHipster project, and go into it:

mkdir jhipster
cd jhipster

Create a link to the directory node_modules:

ln -s <your path>/jhipster-speedup/node_modules

Generate a new project, and answer to all questions:


The first time, it will take several minutes.

The next times, it will use the existing node_modules directory, so npm won’t download all libraries.

Warning! If you use specific libraries and modify your package.json, you should copy the node_modules from jhipster-speedup to your folder project, instead of using a link.