Creating an application Permalink to "Creating an application"

Quick start Permalink to "Quick start"

First of all, create an empty directory in which you will create your application:

mkdir my-quarkus-application

Go to that directory:

cd my-quarkus-application

To generate your JHipster Quarkus application, type:


Advanced Permalink to "Advanced"

jhipster-quarkus embeds the jhipster dependency which means you don’t have to install jhipster by your own. The main benefits of jhipster-quarkus is to ensure the compatibility between the JHipster Quarkus blueprint and the underneath JHipster.

However, if you want to use a custom jhipster installation, you can use the --blueprint flag as follow:

jhipster --blueprints quarkus

Please, keep in mind that in this configuration you may face compatibility issues, that’s why we do not recommend this usage.

Questions asked when generating an application Permalink to "Questions asked when generating an application"

The question asked during JHipster Quarkus creation are identical to standard Quarkus.

Please refer to the according documentation: Questions asked when generating an application