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As JHipster, JHipster Lite ⚡ will help you to start your project, focusing on generating step by step only what you need.

Some details about the solution:

  • The generated code uses Hexagonal Architecture
  • The technical code is separated from your business code
  • You will only generate the code you want, no additional unused code
  • The best quality as possible: 💯% code coverage, 0 code smell, no duplication 😎
  • This generator is a webapp using Java (Spring Boot) and Vue.js

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The original JHipster and JHLite are not the same thing, they are not generating the same code and not serving the same purpose! Here are some elements you can take into account:

Choosing JHipster

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An online version is available at lite.jhipster.tech. Generate your first project!

Join us on GitHub! You will be able to run your JHipster Lite instance locally.