Configuring Eclipse with Gradle Permalink to " Configuring Eclipse with Gradle"

To get full Gradle support in eclipse you should install the buildship plugin. For configuring the JavaScript side you can follow the instructions for Maven.

1. Import your project as a Gradle project Permalink to "1. Import your project as a Gradle project"

  • Select File -> Import
  • Choose Gradle Project
  • Select your projects root directory
  • Click on Next and finish the wizard



2. Add apt generated source folder to build path Permalink to "2. Add apt generated source folder to build path"

When using buildship gradles default outputfolder is filtered and not visible in your workspace. Therefore you need to remove it from eclipse’s resource filter setting.

  • Right click on your project and select Properties
  • Select Resources
  • Remove the entry build
  • Select Java Build Path
  • Click Add Folder...
  • Check the path build/generated/source/apt/main

Make sure the new source folder contains the correctly generated mapper implementations when running JHipster via eclipse.