JHipster release v7.0.0-beta.0 🦌🎅🤶🎁🎄 Permalink to "JHipster release v7.0.0-beta.0 🦌🎅🤶🎁🎄"

This is our first beta release for JHipster v7.

It includes more than 1322 closed tickets and pull requests on the main project.

It is not available through the usual channels as this is a beta release, please read below for more information!

Breaking changes Permalink to "Breaking changes"

Related to Blueprints and Modules:

  • Remove getAllJhipsterConfig - #12023. Use getJhipsterConfig instead of getAllJhipsterConfig.
  • Create jhipsterConfig for synchronised config and move configOptions to generator-base - #12026. generators-base-blueprint’s jhipsterConfig field is now a proxy instead of a Storage object look at the PR description for migration.
  • Updates to getXXXAppName() methods on base-generator #12325:
    • added getFrontendAppName() and frontendAppName attribute
    • removed getAngularAppName() and angularAppName attribute
    • removed getAngularXName() and angularXAppName attribute
  • Removed setup*Options() operations
    • A replacement may not be required. Use load(App/Client/Server)Config if needed.
  • id field is added to fields at jhipster 7.
    • Remove id fields if the blueprint/module doesn’t support. this.fields = this.fields.filter(field => !field.id);

Related to front:

  • Angular: follow closer Angular Style Guide - #13125
  • Login page refactoring - #11926
  • Replace moment by Day.js - #12575

Related to backend:

  • Protect user api and create a filtered user api for relationships - #12374
  • Springfox 3 upgrade - #12133 and jhipster/jhipster#764
    • swagger maven profile becomes api-docs
    • jhipster.swagger property becomes jhipster.api-docs
    • SwaggerCustomizer becomes SpringfoxCustomizer
    • swaggerSpringfoxApiDocket becomes openapiSpringfoxApiDocket
    • swaggerSpringfoxManagementDocket becomes openAPISpringfoxManagementDocket


  • Change relationship table name - #11025

Most important new features and upgrades Permalink to "Most important new features and upgrades"

New features


  • add support for custom ids - #13258
  • Incremental Liquibase - #12178


  • Angular 11 - #13035
  • Blueprint improvement
  • Webflux improvement
  • Spring Boot 2.3 - #11682
  • Java 11 by default - #12021
  • PostgreSQL as default database - #11736
  • IntegrationTest annotation - #12460
  • Annotation to detect generated files - #12459
  • Remove system and anonymoususer - #13043
  • Docker-Compose v3 - #12428
  • Typescript 4 - #12435


  • JHipster library, with tech.jhipster as package name - #12854
  • JHipster Core is merged with generator-jhipster - #11694
  • ng-jhipster is merged with generator-jhipster - #12909


  • Removed audit page - #12024
  • Yarn support dropped - #12134
  • Remove deprecated JHipster Console (ELK) - #12414

Closed tickets and merged pull requests Permalink to "Closed tickets and merged pull requests"

As always, you can check all closed tickets and merged pull requests here.

How to install Permalink to "How to install"

This is a beta release, so it is not available on our usual “stable” release channel.

To install JHipster v7.0.0-beta.0 using using NPM:

npm install -g generator-jhipster@beta

It is also available using the JHipster Docker image, as it is automatically built from our source code.

However, as this is a BETA release it will not be available using our other usual channels like:

You also won’t be able to use the jhipster upgrade sub-generator, as it won’t “see” the BETA release, which is distributed through a specific beta channel on NPM.

You can look at v7 upgrade tips page for v7 upgrade hints.

Help and bugs Permalink to "Help and bugs"

If you find any issue with this release, don’t hesitate to:

If the issue you have is an urgent bug or security issue, please: