JHipster release 3.2.1


This is a bug-fix version for JHipster v3.2.0, with a couple of cool new features.

Important bug fixes:

  • Error with languages with 5-letter codes #3554
  • findByUserIsCurrentUser() not working with JWT #3560

Cool new features:

  • We have a brand new JHipster DevBox. It is based on the latest Ubuntu Xenial release, uses XUbuntu, and has many improved applications.
  • There should now be a notification when a new version is released #3562. Of course, this couldn’t have been tested for real, so let’s wait for the next version to see if it works :-)

Closed tickets

一如既往, you can check all closed tickets here.



npm update -g generator-jhipster

如果你已经有了一个项目, 将会继续使用当时项目生成的Jhipster版本. 如果需要升级你的项目, 你需要先删除node_modules文件夹再运行:

yo jhipster


yo jhipster --with-entities

你也可以使用实体类子生成器挨个更新你的实体类, 例如你的实体类名字是_Foo_

yo jhipster:entity Foo


如果您发现这个版本的任何问题, 请随时联系我们: