JHipster release 3.7.1


This is a bug-fixing release, with a few new features.

  • Questions in the main generator have been refactored - see #4134
  • Downgrade the MySQL Docker image to 5.7.13 - see #4144
  • Add Swagger back in the default dev profile - see #4146
  • Ehcache configuration is now generated for entities and their relationships - see this commit
  • The Maven Spring Boot plugin now runs in fork mode, which allows hot-reload using the Spring Boot devtools.
  • We now support officially Visual Studio Code, here is our new specific documentation

Closed tickets

一如既往, you can check all closed tickets here.


For an automatic upgrade, starting with JHipster v3.4.0, use the JHipster upgrade sub-generator on an existing application:

yo jhipster:upgrade

选择手动升级, 需要先升级你的Jhipster版本:

npm update -g generator-jhipster

如果你已经有了一个项目, 将会继续使用当时项目生成的Jhipster版本. 如果需要升级你的项目, 你需要先删除node_modules文件夹再运行:

yo jhipster


yo jhipster --with-entities

你也可以使用实体类子生成器挨个更新你的实体类, 例如你的实体类名字是_Foo_

yo jhipster:entity Foo


如果您发现这个版本的任何问题, 请随时联系我们: