JHipster release v6.0.0

This is the first official release of JHipster v6.

It builds upon our v6.0.0.beta.0 release, after one month of beta testing and 120 closed tickets and pull requests.

Most important new features and upgrades

Those are the release notes from our previous beta release (v6.0.0.beta.0), updated for this stable release (v6.0.0).

  • Migration to Spring Boot 2.1.x
  • JDK 11 support (while keeping JDK 8+ compatibility)
  • HTML 5 pushstate #9098
  • Kubernetes enhancements (Istio, Helm)
  • Migration to Spring Cloud Greenwish.x
  • Upgrade to Spring Security 5.1’s OIDC Support
  • Upgrade to JUnit 5
  • FakerJS support to generate sample data for entities #9104
  • Update to latest Angular version #8161
  • Update to latest React version
  • Lazy Loading of Angular entities
  • Bootswatch theme selection
  • Removed CSS Option #9350
  • Improvements in Sonar integration #9423 and #9482, including an externalized sonar-project.properties file.
  • Gatling 3 support, including several improvements with better and faster incremental builds and BOM support.
  • Integration tests are set up in their separate phase for Maven and Gradle
  • Update to Gradle 5
  • Migration to Liquibase 3.6.x
  • Update Elastic to 6.4.x
  • Update to Couchbase 6.x
  • Update to Infinispan 9.4.x
  • Update to Cassandra 4.x
  • Update to Hazelcast 3.11.x
  • Logging to the console in json format
  • Changing the default packaging to Jar while still being able to produce a War #9034
  • Prettier for formatting YAML #9281
  • Prettier transform to prettify the output from all sub-generators #9371

We also removed a few features:

  • Removed deprecated ‘rancher-compose’ sub-generator
  • Removed Chocolatey and Homebrew installations, as we found out they didn’t provide much benefits to users
  • Deprecated the JHipster Devbox for the moment: we are looking for a maintainer, if you are interested please ping us!


一如既往, 您可以在此处查看所有已关闭的工单和合并请求.



在原有的项目上使用 JHipster upgrade sub-generator自动更新:


npm update -g generator-jhipster


jhipster upgrade



npm update -g generator-jhipster

对于已经存在的项目,它仍使用原来生成该项目时的JHipster版本。 要升级项目,必须首先删除其node_modules文件夹,然后运行:



jhipster --with-entities

您还可以通过再次运行entity子生成器(jhipster entity)来逐一更新实体,例如,如果您的实体名为_Foo_,则运行:

jhipster entity Foo


如果您发现这个版本的任何问题, 请随时联系我们: