JHipster release 4.1.1


This is the first patch release of JHipster 4.1.0.

  • We have closed 32 issues and pull requests, but please note that more than half of the closed tickets are marked invalid. Please, follow our guidelines or we will close your tickets: invalid tickets make the whole team lose a lot of time, so if you want new patch releases and new cool features, you need to follow the project rules.
  • With this release, the JHipster upgrade sub-generator is working again! As this is a small patch release, this is the good moment for everyone to test it! If you have it working (or not!), don’t hesitate to tweet it and mention @java_hipster.
  • The most important bug fix on this release is #5458, as this made errors in all applications using OAuth2. Concerning OAuth2, please note that only 0,46% of applications used this option during the last month: there have already been talks to remove this, as it has a big maintenance cost, for very few users. So if you like OAuth2, please help maintaining it!


一如既往, 你可以在此处查看所有已关闭的工单与已接受合并请求.



在已存在的项目上使用JHipster upgrade sub-generator自动升级:

yo jhipster:upgrade


选择手动升级, 需要先升级你的Jhipster版本:

yarn global upgrade generator-jhipster

如果你已经有了一个项目, 将会继续使用当时项目生成的Jhipster版本. 如果需要升级你的项目, 你需要先删除node_modules文件夹再运行:

yo jhipster


yo jhipster --with-entities

你也可以使用实体类子生成器挨个更新你的实体类, 例如你的实体类名字是_Foo_

yo jhipster:entity Foo


如果您发现这个版本的任何问题, 请随时联系我们:

If the issue you have is an urgent bug or security issue, please: