Customizing Bootstrap 4

Basic customization

Pro tip: don’t forget to run npm start or yarn start to get immediate feedback of your changes!

The simplest way to customize how your JHipster application looks like is by overriding CSS styles in src/main/webapp/content/css/global.css, or if you selected the Sass option, the src/main/webapp/content/scss/global.scss file.

Using Sass is both easier, more concise and more powerful than plain CSS because Bootstrap is also written in Sass, please refer to Bootstrap’s official documentation about theming.

If you want to use Bootstrap partials in your own scss files then import it like below at the beginning of your scss file. For example to use the border-radius mixin:

@import "node_modules/bootstrap/scss/variables";
@import "node_modules/bootstrap/scss/mixins/border-radius";

Make sure you import only partials and not main Sass files, otherwise you will end up generating duplicate CSS which might cause issues.

To change the default Bootstrap settings like colors, border-radius, etc, add or change the value of the property in the partial file src/main/webapp/content/scss/_bootstrap-variable.scss

All values defined in Bootstrap _variables.scss can be overwritten here.