JHipster Code is a full-day conference for hacking, learning and contributing to the JHipster Open Source projects.

Event happened on Monday, September 14th, 2020 at Bordeaux, France
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JHipster Code 2020 recap

JHipster Code wasn't your usual conference: we came here to code, learn, share and eventually contribute to Open Source. The hackathon took place in sunny Bordeaux, France, with 40 coders (mostly from France, but also Netherlands, UAE and Italy). It was organized by the JHipster community.

We believed that you learn better by doing, that coding is a social (and fun!) activity, and we wanted to help improve Open Source projects that we love.

Most of the conference was spent in small groups (especially to be inline with COVID-19 restrictions), under the supervision of Core Team Members of the JHipster project.

  • The conference took place in Bordeaux, France, at the Locomotiv'. Here is the Google Maps link.
  • The conference was on Monday, September 14th, 2020. This was a full-day conference, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • The conference was organized by the JHipster Developers Association, a French non-profit entity ("association loi 1901").
  • "Diversity & Inclusion" tickets were sponsored by Microsoft.

Previous Day

The core team members met the previous day in order to do final planning and preparation. The fun fact about this is that the meeting took place in a public park due to the COVID-19 restrictions :)

Conference Keynote

Keynote started at 09:00 with @juliendubois @deepu105 and @pascalgrimaud, here is the live video:

And here are a few photos:

Our first sponsor was Ippon Tech and they did a lot of interviews and live coding on their Twitch channel, so please take a look at

Our second sponsor was Heroku who invited everyone for dinner in the evening, and had this nice message for all participants:

Our third sponsor was Microsoft who paid for our Diversity & Inclusion tickets, and @jenlooper had this nice message for all of us:

@deepu105 unveiled the new JDL Studio during the keynote, this is a complete rewrite from scratch with more features


Later during the day, we had the pleasure to have a remote session with @mraible on security! Here's the video:


Most of the action happened on https://github.com/jhipster/generator-jhipster so here are some highlights:

Here are all the PRs submitted as part of the event on the main JHipster repository. There were many PRs submitted to other repositories in the JHipster organization as well.

Feedback from attendees was very positive, so we believe we should do this event again! Also, we are all impressed by the number of bug fixes and PRs that were coded on that day, including from new members.

After party

And we finished the day together at "Chez Jean", a typical French restaurant from Bordeaux:


This event couldn't happen without our awesome sponsors!

Code of conduct

When coming to JHipster Code, you agree to follow our Code of conduct.

Like everything that is done by the JHipster Developers Association, the JHipster Code conference follows the JHipster Code of Conduct.

Not following the Code of Conduct will get you banned both from the conference and the GitHub projects under the JHipster organization.