Using Oracle

When using JPA, you have the option to use the Oracle database.

This option is only supported with Oracle 12c and upwards.

When using Oracle with JHipster, the following limitations will be applicable

  • Entity names cannot be more than 26 characters, this is due to Oracle’s 30 character limitation for object names, and we reserve 4 characters to generate primary key sequence for the generated tables.
  • Entity field names cannot be more than 30 characters.
  • When doing relationships, foreign key names cannot be more than 30 characters, so they will be truncated if they are too long.
  • When doing many-to-many relationships, the join table name will follow the JPA specification (in the form “firstTable_secondTable”): if it is more than 30 characters long, it will be truncated.
  • Oracle reserved keywords cannot be used as Entity names or Field names.
  • We do not provide an Oracle database Docker image, like we do for other databases, as Oracle does not allow to have public Docker images.