JHipster is developed by a team of people around the world. We have a lot of contributors (top 100 list here), but members of the core team are listed here.

Project leads

Julien Dubois

Project lead


Deepu K Sasidharan

Project co-lead


Board of developers

Pierre Besson


Christophe Bornet


Zsombor Gegesy


Pascal Grimaud


Frederik Hahne


Sendil Kumar N


William Marques


Gaël Marziou


Jérôme Mirc


Thibaut Mottet


Matt Raible


Jon Ruddell


David Steiman


Anders Steiner


Where does the development team work?

We do most of our work on the project’s GitHub page.

We also have our own mailing list: it is publicly viewable, as everything we do in JHipster is public, but only the board of developers can send e-mails to the list. It is available here.

How to join the board of developers?

  • Participate regularly in the project (commits, PRs, etc)
  • Ask someone from the current board, with some bio and background information, and he will submit a vote on the dev mailing list
  • Everybody on the dev mailing list can vote (+1 if they agree, -1 if they don’t)
    • Just one “-1” vote will reject the new member, but the person who votes “-1” will need to explain why