JHipster is developed by a team of people around the world. We have a lot of contributors (full list here), but members of the core team are listed here.

##Project leads

Julien Dubois, project lead


Jérôme Mirc, project co-lead


Board of developers

Christophe Bornet


Zsombor Gegesy


Frederik Hahne


Gaël Marziou


Thibaut Mottet


Matt Raible


Deepu K Sasidharan


Anders Steiner


Where does the development team work?

We do most of our work on the project’s Github page.

We also have our own mailing list: it is publicly viewable, as everything we do in JHipster is public, but only the board of developers can send e-mails to the list. It is available here.

How to join the board of developers?

  • Participate regularly in the project (commits, PRs, etc)
  • Ask someone from the current board, with some bio and background information, and he will submit a vote on the dev mailing list
  • Everybody on the dev mailing list can vote (+1 if they agree, -1 if they don’t)
    • Just one “-1” vote will reject the new member, but the person who votes “-1” will need to explain why