Deploying to Cloud Foundry

This sub-generator allows to deploy automatically your JHipster application to the Cloud Foundry cloud.

It works with MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB cloud providers.


  • If you use MongoDB, the data cannot be loaded (yet) because of #733

Running the sub-generator

Before running the sub-generator, you need to install the cf Command Line Interface (CLI), and have a Cloud Foundry account created.

To deploy your application to Cloud Foundry, type:

yo jhipster:cloudfoundry

This should package your application (in production or development mode), create a Cloud Foundry application (with a database), upload your code, and start the application.

Updating your deployed application

When your application is already deployed, you can re-deploy it by building it normally (mvn -Pprod package) and running:

cf push -f ./deploy/cloudfoundry/manifest.yml -p target/*.war

You can also run the sub-generator again, by typing another time:

yo jhipster:cloudfoundry

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