Thank you to all our contributors!

JHipster has a lot of contributors, and there are official contributions from popular projects and companies as well. Below is a list of companies and projects contributing to JHipster. We are very thankful for their contributions.

Companies contributing to JHipster

Projects and communities contributing to JHipster

JHipster works closely with other OSS communities, which often contributes code, advice and reviews to the project. Important contributions have been made by:

  • UI Router, the Angular router used by JHipster.
  • Webpack, the module bundler that JHipster uses for its Angular 2 support.
  • Gradle, one of the build supported by JHipster.
  • Angular, one of the Client framework supported by JHipster.

Companies helping to develop JHipster

These companies help us to develop JHipster

And a very special thanks to the development team from Galeries Lafayette, which had the original idea of making Grunt work with Ant, and create a modern Web front-end on top of a more classical Spring MVC application.